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GREETINGS:  The DRAGONS OF FIRE manuscript is progressing……however recently and with a somewhat steady increase I have been receiving mail inquiring about the “toys” the Japanese employed, referring to their training machine guns which the military used in training and educational institutions taught their students under a Government decreed program.  Thusly I have deviated from my chronological writings of DRAGONS OF FIRE manuscript and penned the section on this subject for presentation in advance of the book release.  Being in my fourth quarter the writing comes a bit slower and completion of the masterworks may take a little longer than anticipated.  I have decided to publish this section in booklet form for those who are requesting information now and while waiting for the main work’s debut.  Those who purchase the booklet, will receive a discount certificate towards the DRAGONS OF FIRE book when purchased from me.

THIS 70 page booklet contains over 100 photos and includes several pages of patents/applications.  All inclusive is a history, classification of various patterns and general specifications.

AVAILABLE now for shipment the cost is $31.00 prepaid within the U.S.  I accept PayPal, or money orders and checks which may be sent to the address below.


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